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New – Self Healing Meditation Cards 

I have developed some self healing exercises/meditations for each body system. Over the years my clients have been using these meditations and  they have given me some positive feedback about them. I decided to formalize the self healing meditations into a card format.

Where Your Mind Goes – Energy Flows!

​Mindfully directing loving healing energy to your physical body, 
can accelerate your body’s innate healing abilities.​

Self healing meditation can empower us to balance and heal the connections between our thoughts, emotions, and physical health. The Body Systems Self Healing Meditation Cards are designed to help you explore these connections and assist in the process of self healing. When we understand the physical nature of our body systems and what they represent from a holistic perspective, we are more consciously connected to our overall health.

Each 4″X6″ card has on the back, information and a guided meditation for the respective body system.  Each card allows one to consider the anatomy and physiology of the physical body and psycho-spiritual meaning of each body system in a holistic way.  You do not have to refer to a separate booklet. This format was piloted by several clients and strangers to my work.

These meditations guide you to use your innate healing power to mindfully connect with the mind-body intention of each body system. Restoring physical, mental, and spiritual balance to the body systems will allow you to expand your sense of well being, accelerate your healing and thrive more fully in your life.

These body system meditations are also excellent for health care practitioners such as, energy healers, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, and massage therapistsetc. Holding the healthful energy consciousness, specific to each body system, can help you more easily connect to the healing vibrations your client requires.

$35.00 plus tax, shipping and handling

Includes 12 body system self healing meditations (4″X6″ – post card size)
and a plastic storage box​.

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Below are attached a few images of  the cards.  There are 12 cards with original art of the body system on one side and instructions for the self healing meditation on the back.

I am available to help you get started and for ongoing support.


Art Work by Valerie Woelk (

Edited by Susan Beach 

Copyright (2017) – Michele Bourgeois

“The meditation cards are absolutely beautiful, both conceptually, and in every detail. The artwork is so creative, and lovely to behold,  There is a real synergy between the descriptions and meditations of the various systems, and the art.  The illustrations are also a great visualization aid. I am keeping “The Heart & Circulation(Love & Connection)” close at hand!  I had not thought of the heart as it having its own nervous system, or of the signals it sends being influenced by its owner’s emotions, before.”  (Yukon 2017)

“I have used the self healing meditation cards and found them very helpful in helping me to focus on and appreciate each system, I asked my nephew who is a firefighter/paramedic to have a look, he really liked the simple clear explanations of the body systems. Also asked my reflexologist, she really liked them and wondered if we could use the cards for me to reflect on each body system as she’s working on them.” (Victoria BC 2017)



Expanded Version – Self healing meditations for the Body Systems – Audio file and written guide

The following self healing modules include a short electronic written review of the body system including the physical anatomy and mind-body intention of the system as well as an audio file guiding you through a self healing meditation for the body system.

Email Michele at to purchase the modules.  I am available to help you get started and for ongoing support.

Strengthen your Immune System  $25.00

Strengthen your Nervous System $25.00

Strengthen your Cardiovascular System $25.00

“This is so powerful – with much gratitude for your willingness to share yourself with me, to help me move forward into healing. ”  (Victoria, BC,  2017)