Client feedback

client feedback about Michele’s energy healing work

Thank  you for a wonderful healing today! I feel so safe with you and know that my body responds to your energy and your technique, allowing me to completely relax and sink into it. I always feel so renewed after our sessions. –  Barb Edmonton 2017

I have been a client of Michele’s for over two years, I have a chronic progressive illness which provides me with many challenges. Michele has been such an enormous help to me in coping/learning/evolving through this journey. She is a highly skilled practitioner of energy work and conducts herself with grace and tremendous integrity. If I were facing a catastrophic or terminal illness I cannot think of anyone I would rather have be with me than Michele, she is so kind and compassionate, I am so grateful for her gifts.
Victoria, BC
August 2016

Thank you again Michele for such a wonderful session. I downloaded the meditation to my iPod and listened before bed. It was incredible, just as though you were there and it was a another healing session with you! I listened all the way through feeling waves of energy pour through me at intervals.  The session felt alive, as though you were actually right there with me! I’m sure you put that intention into the recording.    (Darlene- Edmonton -Long distance session – Nov. 2014)

”  Thank YOU for a powerful session, it moved me, brought great awareness on multiple levels…. appreciate your work and the connection it has given me  especially between the masculine and feminine sides of my body and the significant differences I feel in them.  Thanks for the pictures they are powerful and love, love the ladder chakra technique – wow that is a powerful process yet so simple to visualize and connect to in your body. Fabulous – thanks for sharing it with me.  Your great – thanks for sharing your gifts, it was a terrific session.”  (Edmonton – April 2014)

“I want to thank you for the wonderful session. I’ve known since the loss of my parents–the most horrible way that they passed on–that I desperately needed to see you. I needed a ‘tune-up’ & ‘jump-start’ to fully allow my own, true grieving. I have already had many insights/realizations from the session. And, I remember your words—space and time—to heal. I use those words in a meditative manner! I cannot emphasize enough how deeply I honour your healing gifts. I consider you my intuitive coach/healer & you help me help others in my life–family, friends, colleagues, & students.”  (Edmonton, Nov. 2013)

 “You do such wonderful work with great compassion. I must tell you that I felt so wonderful and Peaceful after our session yesterday. I felt so relaxed like I had an incredible deep massage and the tension is out of my shoulders – the difference is truly amazing. Thank you for your support and kindness.”   (Anonymous – Edmonton 2010)

  “You are a Radiant Soul. You have been really loving to me.Thank you for being a light on my path. I don’t know what I would do without you to talk to and your healing sessions.”  
Anonymous – Edmonton 2010
 “You will never know how grateful I am for the exquisite healing you gave me. You are an exquisite healer. I felt your presence so deeply and that was the most healing part for me. It was an amazing experience for me to be replenished with essence in places that felt sore and barren. Physically, I am doing amazingly well… and am almost completely healed.  I feel very little discomfort.”                                                                                                                                                                                          MS – Texas. (long distance session)
“Wanting to send a note to thank you again for the deep healing work this fall. It feels like I have a whole new life. I have never felt so supported and blessed and strong in myself. A very big gift.”                                                                                                                                         Anonymous – Edmonton
   “I want to thank you for the four wonderful treatments you gave me this summer. They helped in so many ways, at such a deep level. Your gentleness and compassion, and sharing your experience and your humour, all go a long way with the energy work to make your work transformative. ”                                                                                Anonymous – Edmonton

  I have had so much healing from my sessions with you, there is nothing that I have experienced that goes as far in freeing up blocked negative patterns than the Brennan method does for me. You have a unique blend of compassion, gentleness and expertise that has allowed the space and serenity for those blockages to unravel themselves for me.”                                  J – Edmonton

client feedback about Monique’s energy healing work

“My experiences with Monique have been so wonderful. She is incredibly knowledgeable on bodywork and I instantly felt safe being in her warm presence. The work she has done with me have brought to light hidden parts of myself that were ready to be healed. I have had sessions with her both in person, and through FaceTime, and both experiences had brought me so much healing. I recommend Monique to anyone who is interested in alternatives to talk therapy and mainstream modes of healing. She is lovely, and your body will thank you for choosing to take this step in your healing journey.”

Andie,  Vancouver, BC

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