Past Workshops :

Awakening the Healer Within      Victoria B.C. January 2019 

Learn about the Human energy field  / Energy healing / Sensing energy / Sensing your energy field for self care. Introducing Where Your Mind Goes Energy Flows.  A self -healing manual for the Mind and Body.

Awakening the Healer Within; Level two – Asheville North Carolina, April 18-22,  2018

Awakening the Healer Within – Victoria B.C. Feb. 3, 2018.

Awakening the Healer Within – Asheville North Carolina, June 14-16,  2017

Strengthening your Immune System – A guided meditation workshop – April 27, 2015 Edmonton Alberta  

Strengthening your Heart and Circulation – A guided meditation workshop – April 28, 2015 Edmonton Alberta 

Strengthen Your Immune System – A Guided Meditation Workshop – Oct. 2014

 An Evening of Self Healing – July 2013

  •   the four dimensions of the human energy field (the physical, aura, hara and core essence)
  • —  strengthening your Hara and your intentions
  • —  strengthening your relationships
  • —  tuning up your human energy field

—  I Am That I Am meditation (a self healing tune up of your personal energy field)

  ” Expand Your Creative Energy ” June 2012  

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For the last twenty four years Sister Eileen has been a teacher and practitioner of Reiki.  With the closure of Queenswood, a Sister of Saint Ann retreat centre in Victoria, Sister Eileen went on to found the Queenswood School of Reiki where workshops are offered on an ongoing basis.  She is also a poet, artist and writer and has had several books published as well as CDs and films on Reiki.

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