“Transforming old belief systems

and energy patterns

IMG_2443 - Version 2Michèle Bourgeois B.Sc., M.Ed., BHSP, GTP   Victoria BC

Michele is an energy healing practitioner with over 40 years of combined experience in the traditional medical field and alternative and complementary holistic therapies. As an energy healing practitioner, teacher, and holistic nurse, Michèle is well known for her warmth and kindness as well as her clarity, insights, and healing skills.

Michèle offers:        Long distance sessions from Victoria BC

 Contact  by email: michelecbourgeois@gmail.com  or phone: (250) 507-0913

IMG_1080Monique Bourgeois B.FA, B.Ed., CBP                          Vancouver BC

Monique is an energy healing BodyTalk practitioner with over 30 years of combined
experience in body-mind studies and practices, movement and dance therapy, and tai
chi. Monique brings warmth, clear intuition, compassion and experience to her healing

Monique offers:      In person and long distance sessions in Vancouver 

contact by email: mobourg40@yahoo.ca  or phone: (604) 626-1697

Where Your Mind Goes Energy Flows    A Self-Healing Manual for the Mind and Body


Copyright 2017 Michele Bourgeois Published 2018 paper book / 2019 e-book

(Illustrated by Valerie Woelk http://www.valeriewoelk.com

Available on www.amazon.com


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