Services Offered

Michèle and Monique offer…

Long Distance Healing Sessions and  In Person Healing Sessions 

$95.00 for 60 mins

$115.00 for 75 mins

$135.00 for 90 mins

Lower pricing available for: low income, seniorsunder 18 yrsstudents and long term support.

Long distance sessions start by talking for awhile on the phone/skype/facetime to set the intention.  Then we disconnect if desired and the client finds a peaceful place to rest (hopefully uninterrupted) while we work with their energy field.  Sometimes clients want to talk the whole time and we do energy work during the conversation.  We are quite flexible as to how to go about this. Energy healing / BodyTalk is completely amenable to long distance work like this.

 Michele  email:  or phone (250) 507-0913

Monique email: or phone (604) 626-1697 

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