Services Offered

Michèle offers…

Michèle offers:        Long Distance Healing Sessions and  In Person Healing Sessions in  Edmonton at select times.

 Contact  by email:  or phone: (250) 507-0913

 Energy healing sessions (in-person and long distance) for adults and children for:

  • physical, emotional and spiritual problems
  • support in planning care through a physical, emotional or spiritual health crisis or chronic illness
  • focused work on specific physical body systems and dis-ease
  • pre and post surgery support
  • Palliative care  – support through the dying process
  • supervision/teaching for energy healing practitioners

$95.00 for 60 mins

$115.00 for 75 mins

$135.00 for 90 mins

Lower pricing available for low income, seniorsunder 18 yrs,

students and long term support.

Note: long distance sessions start by talking for awhile on the phone or facetime/skype to set the intention.  Then we disconnect if desired and the client finds a peaceful place to rest (hopefully uninterrupted) while I work with their energy field.  Sometimes clients want to talk the whole time and I do energy work during the conversation.  I am quite flexible as to how to go about this. Energy healing is completely amenable to long distance work like this.  

Energy Field Readings and Health Consultation

  •  which includes an assessment of your chakras and energy field including time for discussion.

$50 for 30 mins

$95.00 for 60 mins

Meditations – Workshops – Programs  TBA on events page


     (250) 507-0913   

Or  e-mail:

 for an appointment.



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